May 25th Fashion Parade *The LOOK: Late 60s to Mid 70s Songstresses*

GET THE LOOK: Late 60s to mid 70's Songstresses
Between the big bands and rock, but before disco came, there were the Singer/Songwriters of the pre and post Woodstock era. These women blazed trails in music and fashion and helped form the basis of the modern woman. We honor the looks of Cher, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks and Christie McVie, amongst others.

Late 1960's/70's suede hip huggers ensemble from LISTIT CAFE

1970s maxi dress is by Lanz from

Lace up vinyl 60s micro mini dress fromSCARLETBIRD VINTAGE on etsy

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Flower and Piercing for girl

Flower and Piercing for girlFlower and Piercing for girl
66 Tattoo Canvases Wanted for Immortal Tattoos upcoming Event. If you think you can be part of it. Why wait? Just email me !!

Tattoos are charged at ONLY $50 per session. If the tattoo can be completed in one sitting, its still ONLY $50 !!

Minimum size of Tattoo must be of 15cm in height. But if you want to do something smaller and if you think its a good design, just let me know.

The canvases who are undergoing work progress by me CANNOT apply for this event.

If you are interested do email me :

Additional Info : 5 Females are needed for inking. Tattoos are done for free. U must be able to model for photo shoot. We don't want shy ladies. Do email me if you have any questions.

Thank u all for your time.

PS: This event is held in Singapore only.

Once upon an infernal time,
Existed a circus created by hell’s own grime
The circus bred freaks that thrived on pain,
Thereby giving it, its sordid name.

In the carnival of pain, lived a freak,
Whose daily pain made the guillotine seem meek.
Diamond fangs, the condemned called him,
The Grand Meister, of the Carnival of eternal Sin
And the pain he felt, he transferred to ink,
With which he marked bodies till raw and pink.

This blasphemy provoked higher beings,
Till even God deferred; and the Devil Intervened.
Black, angry and searing pains he felt,
Of kinds which make hardest stones melt,

Voices of those past inked, echoed painfully
Right through Diamond Fang’s head; throbbing violently.
The creature thought, for sure he’ll explode,
For minions of hell destroyed his abode.
Scorched his eyes, and flayed his body
Until his tainted soul was ripped all bloody.

Thus when he was about to break,
The visions cleared and a voice thus spake,
From its high throne of gory splendor,
Said the Devil with glistening evil ardor,

“You’ve breached the codes of heaven and hell,
For this torrid sin, repent you shall.
66 irredeemable sinners you must find,
And mark them with the ink of thine,
Then only will your soul mend,
And back to your Carnival, you may tend.

Break me this chain of human sacrifice,
And your soul can never survive
So go forth my insolent son,
your quest of 66 sinners has now begun".

Beautiful Girl with Tattoo Convention Milano

Beautiful Girl with Tattoo Convention MilanoBeautiful Girl with Tattoo Convention Milano

May 18th Fashion Parade *COME OUT AND PLAY*

Casual but classy, these examples of play-time clothing are great for your summer leisure time. Shorts to capris, simple cotton blouses to Tshirts; show off what you would wear in your retro down time.

Vintage 1950s denim sun bra by Career Size B from ALLEY CATS VINTAGE on Mainstreet Mall

NOS fun floral romper from VINTAGE PRETTIES on RubyLane

Super short "bad girl" high waisted shorts and matching shirt set from

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Head Tiger Tattoo Design

Head Tiger Tattoo DesignHead Tiger Tattoo Design

May 11th Fashion Parade *BAG A SUMMER PURSE*

A vintage bag is a great way to add a touch of vintage to your wardrobe. These spring & summer bags will make you wish you had one (or two) for every day!

70s wood handle turtle bag from VINTAGE IN BOHEMIA on etsy

Fruity felt 60s tote from DAISY FAIRBANKS

Get your summer groove on with this 70s disco bag from

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May 4th Fashion Parade *CHECK THIS OUT!*

Call it gingham, call it check, call it lovely! This classic pattern shows up in many eras. Show off your gingham patterns!

Gingham and ruffled 50s dress from DAMN GOOD VINTAGE

Black and white checked 1960's outfit from MORNING GLORIOUS on eBay

Vintage 50s Carl Naftal Originals studded linen check wiggle dress & cropped bolero jacket ensemble from

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Sexy Girl Tattoo New Design

Sexy Girl Tattoo New DesignSexy Girl Tattoo New Design

April 27th Fashion Parade *A Vintage Bouquet!*

A Vintage Bouquet! Spring is in the air, and flowers are starting to bloom! Show off your vintage "bouquets" in the form of wonderful floral prints.

Bold floral print 60s shift dress

Sunny floral print maxi dress from BIG YELLOW TAXI VINTAGE on etsy

Garden party spring floral print dress from IKONIC VINTAGE on etsy

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