Aloha Shirts

VFG member Linn Alber recently volunteered to help us fill in some gaps in the VFG Label Resource. Linn is lucky enough to live in Hawaii, and we really needed some help researching some of the great Hawaiian labels in our collection. Through the use of books, local resources and the internet, Linn not only beefed up the info in many of our entries, but she wrote a concise history of the Hawaiian shirt. Thanks so much, Linn!

Aloha Shirts

Prior to the early 1930’s all Hawaiian shirts were made to order. In the mid-‘30’s, the word "aloha" was applied to many types of merchandise. Musa-Shiya the Shirtmaker was the first tailor to offer custom tailored shirts. He was also the first to use the term "aloha shirt" in a 1935 advertisement. Ellery Chun, of King-Smith dry goods store, began to stock "warm weather" shirts in his shop in about 1932. Chun trademarked the term "aloha sports wear" in 1936, and the term "aloha shirt" in 1937. Chun began by selling shirts made of traditional Kimono fabrics but he wanted to produce expressly Hawaiian shirts and commissioned artists - including his sister Ethyl Lum to create Hawaiian designs of local flowers and fish. He had these designs printed on kabe crepe. Because they sold well, he felt the term "Aloha Shirt" should be trademarked.

In 1936, two companies underwent a transition from tailor-made to factory-made production of sportswear. Kamehameha Garment Company, Ltd., founded by Herbert and Miller Briner and Branfleet (later Kahala) founded by George Brangier and Nat Norfleet were the first to incorporate. Sportswear produced by these companies exhibited remarkable skill in the blending of island motifs and exciting color combinations with quality craftsmanship.

The Hawaiian Garment Manufacturer’s Guild was formed in 1949 and later became the Hawaiian Fashion Guild. The Hawaiian Fashion Guild was instrumental in the promotion and worldwide sales of Hawaiian made clothing. Statehood in 1959 added to the growth of both tourism and the fashion industry.

The first Aloha Week festival was held in 1947. It actually lasted several months, and during the first celebration, City and County workers were allowed to wear Aloha shirts to work for the first time - during the warm summer months. Business attire at the time was suits and ties. In 1956, Territorial Savings Bank was the first business to allow these shirts to be worn to work during the summer months, and in the summer of 1958 Governor Quinn allowed government workers to wear Aloha shirts to work. In 1962, Bill Foster, President of the Hawaiian Fashion Guild was instrumental in getting the Legislature to approve "Aloha Friday" where men could wear Aloha Shirts to work on the last day of the week. Two years later the Legislature approved "Aloha Friday, " but it wasn’t until 1969, ten years after Statehood, that the Chamber of Commerce approved "Aloha Summer."

Aloha attire became the norm on Friday – and at the present time business attire and aloha attire are synonymous – a tucked in usually reverse print "Hawaiian" shirt worn with slacks.

Sinner #7

Sinner # 7 - XVI -

Picasso for White Stag

I'm working on gathering info on White Stag, and to make it even more interesting I got an email from a researcher at a museum who had seen my Picasso for White Stag label on the VFG Label Resource. This museum has a blouse in the same print as my rain jacket, though their label is dated 1962 and mine is dated 1963.

According to some ads I have from 1963, White Stag secured the exclusive right to reproduce some of Picasso's work. There were at least four designs, and I'm assuming more than that. My jacket is like the parka in the ad with a different print.

The museum is currently researching the line, about which I've been able to discover practically nothing. So if any of you knowledgable readers have any information to share, I'll be glad to pass it on to the museum.

See The Vintage Traveler for more photos.

September 14 Fashion Parade *Get the look: Katharine Hepburn*

Winner of four Oscars (more than any other actor), Kate Hepburn was in 52 films and 33 plays in a career that spanned seven decades. She portrayed an independent and self-confident woman, capable of standing up to her male leads. Hepburn’s style, honesty and strength of character have influenced several generations of women to be more educated, more independent and more active.

Trousers (high-waisted and full-cut) were key to her personal style, and she was happiest in tennis shoes or loafers and sportswear. Button down shirts usually topped her trousers. She might sometimes wear a blazer, a menswear-style coat, sweater or jacket.

The 40s look is the hot look for Fall and Katherine's iconic look is easily introduced in a modern wardrobe to work the runway trend while keeping an eye to the past!

Rare 1940's Houndstooth Pant Ensemble from LISTITCAFE

Raspberry satin 40s dressing gown from VINTAGE MERCHANT

30s long lean floral satin day dress from POPPY'S VINTAGE

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Shoes throughout the Decades

As we know, the fashion world is 'future-focused' but gains a great deal of inspiration from decades gone by. Fashion wear for the feet is no different! I've collected a variety of vintage footwear images ranging from super-elegant to downright outrageous! One thing's for sure - ladies have always enjoyed wearing fabulous shoes!

If you're a footwear fanatic, perhaps you can decipher which decades these shoes originate from? No peeking now! Test yourself on your shoe knowledge and then find the answers below.

1) Suede peep toe with pink and raspberry trim. Jerro, c. 1932
2) Slipper with gold embroidery, Morocco, 1920
3) Suede pump embellished with silk rosettes, Emma Hope, c. 1980's
4) Wingtip with stacked heel, Francisco Pomares, 1941
5) Suede sandal with silver floral applique, Perugia for I. Miller, 1920's
6) Multicolour pump with perforated suede cap toe, Maud Frizon, 1970's
7) Platform high-heeled oxford, Miguel'lo, 1970
8) High-heeled unitone spectator shoe, England, 1905
9) Traditional Spanish shoe, 1890
10) Mustard yellow spike with triangle accent, Roger Vivier for Christian Dior, 1965-1966
11) Multicolour sling-back with gold metallic heel and trim, Manolo Blahnik, 1980's
12) Overscale duotone platform, 1971

written by Louise of Catwalk Creative Vintage

September 7th Fashion Parade *Vintage Coats*

The weather is turning and so a girl surely must turn to her fall wardrobe, with coats at the top of the list. The best coats are vintage, and if you need proof, the members of the VFG are only too happy to help!

Vintage 70's faux fur blouson by Jean Louis de Paris from CATWALK CREATIVE

Zelinka*Matlick coat from FUZZY LIZZIE

Vintage 60's raised floral velour swing coat from GLAMOUR SAVVY

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Photographic Artworks I

Hey there Ladies & Gentlemen .. !!

Seems like event -XVI- is taking a long time to end and I guess, I will be serving the Devil for a long time as well... It doesn't worry me though but what worries me is the fact that, someone else stealing my ideas and making it their own without even asking or telling me about it.

But that is not the issue here. If he/she wants to steal my idea, I suggest that the person to do a better job than me unless he/she wants to make a mockery out of it or, he/she wants to make themselves look stupid.

I realized that I must not hold on to my works which I have done years back but instead, expose it to the World, so certain people can be put into place. I don't resort to violence physically, but only Artistically.

So, Boys and Girls, I present to you My Photographic Artworks that I have done.

Photography : Diamond Fangs
Digital Artwork : Diamond Fangs
Tattoos on Model : Diamond Fangs*

( *Unless Stated )

** All images are the copyrighted works of Diamond Fangs. No images are to be downloaded without my prior consent or knowledge.

**If anyone found using my images, concept, style or in any form that replicates my photographs, will be dealt with seriously. And I will personally kick your ass !!

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Tabitha

*Censored Version*

*Tattoo NOT done by Diamond Fangs*

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Violin

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Violin

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Violin

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Violin

Positions for Females who are interested in showcasing my artwork on Skin is still open. Tattoos will be fully sponsored by Immortal Tattoos.

I have few more Local/International Exhibitions coming up and it would be great if YOU can be part of it. So, Don't be shy and email me ASAP.

August 31 Fashion Parade *Fifth Monday Fashions for Men*

Fifth Monday Fashions for Men Dress your fella in vintage style for the approaching fall season.



1950s CA Orange District Elks bowling shirt - size M - 44" chest from MISS MARTY'S VINTAGE APPAREL on etsy

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