Picasso for White Stag

I'm working on gathering info on White Stag, and to make it even more interesting I got an email from a researcher at a museum who had seen my Picasso for White Stag label on the VFG Label Resource. This museum has a blouse in the same print as my rain jacket, though their label is dated 1962 and mine is dated 1963.

According to some ads I have from 1963, White Stag secured the exclusive right to reproduce some of Picasso's work. There were at least four designs, and I'm assuming more than that. My jacket is like the parka in the ad with a different print.

The museum is currently researching the line, about which I've been able to discover practically nothing. So if any of you knowledgable readers have any information to share, I'll be glad to pass it on to the museum.

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