June 22nd Fashion Parade *Hawaiian Tiki Luau Time!*

Hawaiian Tiki Luau Time!
You're invited to a Luau: Say aloha to vintage Polynesian clothing and accessories
--everything Tiki and Hawaiian for your summer parties.

Waikiki Sports 50s Hawaiian shirt for the gents, from the SPECTRUM

Gorgeous Hawaiian gown from

Kamehameha Miss Hawaii red 50's halter dress from PROPER VINTAGE CLOTHING

Show your exotic side in more vintage from VFG members on the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD FASHION PARADE!

Boys and Girls,

I know I have been slow on updating my works, including the ones from -XVI- the ongoing event.

I have too many things going on in my head and its been hard for me to concentrate but I still try. Its like, I am already am living in hell in reality. I don't know if the idea of my event has become real or that my mind has engulfed me and over took my senses...

Things around me seems to mess me up and shut me down. Sometimes I don't even know what I am thinking about or even going through. I have been having memory lost and seems like I am losing my grip on my life...

I really need to find my 66 Sinners and finish this event up. Honestly, now I know why they say, "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it".....

Immortal Tattoos was interviewed by an Online Tattoo Magazine, Skin-Artists.com.

Check out the interview here : http://skin-artists.com/eng/stories/0012.php

June 15th Fashion Prade *Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue!*

Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue!
A classic combination 'round about this time of year, start some fireworks wearing
vintage clothing in patriotic red, white and blue!

60s wicker bag with patriotic stripes from DAISYFAIRBANKS

50s wiggle dress & jacket from

60s set from DAMN GOOD VINTAGE

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June 8th Fashion Parade *Vintage Incognito*

Vintage Incognito
Need to dart the paparazzi? Keep your cool in the convertible? Go the vintage
route in sunglasses, scarves and gloves (all vintage of course!) from VFG members.

70s Emilio Pucci lipstick red straw hat from CLUB VINTAGE on eBay

L.A. Eyeworks "City" sunglasses ca. 1986 from
JOULES on etsy

Rudi Gernreich 60's mystical print silk scarf from VIVA VINTAGE CLOTHING

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June 1 Fashion Parade *Swim/Beachwear on the Vintage Beach*

Swim/Beachwear on the Vintage Beach:
Time to hit the sand in vintage style, from the top of your vintage sunhat, to the bottom of your vintage sandals. Every bathing beauty knows that vintage swimsuits are the best, so find your best beachwear by shopping VFG members.

Blue velvet & sheer polka dot 50's Cole of California pin-up swimsuit, size M from VIVA VINTAGE CLOTHING

Men's swimwear, including fish print Catalina's, from

And to go with that fish print 40s pair of trunks, a new-old-stock matching women's 2 piece suit! Also from Glamoursurf....

Here's a fun little 2 piece by "KnitSkin - Kamehameha" S/M LIVING DOLL VINTAGE on eBay

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Sinner # 1

Sinner # 1 - XVI -

(Tribal Dragon not done by me)


Few days before the XVI event !! Enjoy the tease...

Lotus on the foot. Its a Coverup of an old tattoo...