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Girl Tattoo Design low back tatoo

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VFG Etsy Treasury ~ Where did I put my purse?

'Where did I put my purse?' by VintageFanAttic

Great collection of vintage purses from the 1940s to the 1970s

60s Vintage Enid Co...


Vintage 1950s Marbl...


Vintage 30s 40s Pru...


Vintage 1960s Zodia...


Vintage 50s 60s Red...


Vintage 50's La...


Seafoam Wild Child ...


Vintage Black Satin...


Yellow vinyl handba...


Vintage red Cardin ...


Mod Cherry Red Vint...




Vintage 60's Ol...


Dickens Vintage 60&...


Vintage 60s Pink Po...


Vintage Bright Red ...


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Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

It has got so that I'm almost embarrassed to start blogging again after the intense working period I've just experienced. I was hired by a start-up fashion web business as a consultant a couple of days a week, who asked me to accelerate them into BETA launch mode and set the agenda on how they communicate fashion.

After a few months diverting the energy for what I would be doing here to them, I felt rather empty, despite the huge online learning curve and sense of achievement for my client. A light had gone out. Last weekend I was finally forced to admit how much it means to me to have this as an outlet. I resigned from the start-up.

Now, I'm back and taking my ickle blog to a .com in January. Only something extremely special and worthwhile will take my attention away from this again.

There is such a backlog of thoughts to share, and I have got to start somewhere. So will start in St Petersburg, Russia. I visited a couple of weeks ago with Liberatum Global the organisation that, thanks to its inspiring founder Pablo Ganguli, (a fabulous 26 year old anglo Indian man with a penchant for eyeliner - below), brings together global leaders and creatives in the arts and culture, and parachutes them into a city so they can share and educate.

Pablo Ganguli with art critic/writer/film maker/dealer Danny "Boogie Woogie" Moynihan

Last June Pablo did Istanbul/Istancool. Then in November St Peters Ball with the Corinthia Hotel group. Last week he threw a dinner for Nobel Laureate V.S Naipaul at the Langham in London. Next year he takes his cultural caravan to Rio.

Pablo is passionate and totally inspiring. “It is vital to develop greater understanding between nations through cultural dialogues. People need to speak to each other face-to-face, as opposed to solely through the net, from different continents if we are to truly, broaden our minds and gain better understanding of each other,” is the kind of monologue he launches into daily.

The program for St Petersburg was somewhat stymied when a key component of the schedule, artist Matt Collishaw was rushed to hospital with a perforated ulcer a day before he was due to leave London. However other artists, including photographer Polly Borland, the taxidermy artist Polly Morgan and musician and Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell delivered interesting talks to the culturally engaged Russians who came to the free events.

The divine Polly Morgan

One of the most striking things about St Petersburg was, of course, the Soviet hangover that lurks in the dark corners of the city like so many ghosts. It is a stunningly beautiful city, but even 20 years after the Soviet collapse it looks and feels a bit unloved.

Imagine being a fashion designer in post-Soviet Russia?

I was fortunate to meet St Petersburg's most famous fashion designer on day two of the visit, one Tatyana Parfionova (below). In the year following the fall of communism, Parfionova was the first Russian fashion designer to do the western thing and open a fashion boutique.

Now in her late 50s the designer remembers "We were all still buying food from street markets, the old system had collapsed. There was no new system, and in this situation I opened my shop. I put my name above the door. I put my name in the tag in the back of my clothes."  This many sound a perfectly ordinary thing to do to western ears, but it was revolutionary in Russia at the time, and Parfionova is an iconic figure for it.

Her designs are all handworked one-offs. The clothes have an indy folky couture element to them that harks back to the 1930s. When one of her evangelical staff informed me that "She makes one of everything, and only sells to you if she like you," I was taken back to the 1990's. Tatyana would have to change her approach drastically, if she were fighting to be recognised in the clamour of the London market.

If you want an exquisite embroidered shawl featuring a detail from a work at The Hermitage museum, Tatyana Parfionova is your woman.

Her distinctly old school work is all created by hand by her team of artisans, who specialise in embroidery. Tatyana spends much of her time painting flowers, (below).

Meeting Tatyana was an eye-opener, reminding me how lucky we are in the west to have the freedom to create without boundaries. Progress creates progress.

51 Nevsky prospekt, Admiralteysky 191025

Photos: fashion editor at large

A Sucker for Vintage Patterns

I am becoming a sucker for vintage sewing patterns. It's come over me recently. Now, that's odd, because I have been around them for many years. I have been working in costume shops of many varieties since 1978, and we use a lot of vintage patterns that are always somewhere on file. So they have been part of the scenery. I guess I took them for granted. Several years ago, I helped my aunt, an accomplished dressmaker clean out her work room, and she packed me off with boxes of Vogue patterns from the 60s. Most of them bridal oriented, of course. I sent them on to a friend who was delighted.

Now I am starting to think patterns are pretty darn special. Maybe it's the art work. Maybe it's a change in perspective since I don't sew that much anymore, and patterns aren't just tools.
But I will say it's a good thing I am committed to selling the vintage that comes to me. Because I need one more thing to collect like I need a root canal. And vintage patterns would be pretty darn tempting. They don't take up much room, they don't eat anything, they aren't as fragile as some things I have sunk cash into. Like I said, tempting.

These are just a very few of the patterns I came across at an estate auction. The auction was held in two sessions and sadly, the clothing all went in the first, and the patterns weren't available until the second, several weeks later. But it was great to see all the fashions the owner had made from the patterns. She was one well dressed lady. And I adore seeing a life's wardrobe in one viewing.

c. 1962 Vogue Paris Original by Patou

c. 1962 Vogue Paris Original by Dior
1960s Vogue Special Design
1958 Vogue Special Design

all available at

Sunday Double Feature by ClubVintageFashions

Club Vintage Fashions presents:
Sunday Double Feature!

This week we are showcasing items from fellow Vintage Fashion Guild members that we think are "the berries" so without further ado here we go!

Patriotic Swing Peplum Dress Suit Vintage 50s Belted Nip Waist Jacket 2 Skirt Blue Hand Painted Red White Blue Accents 40s 3 Piece M L VLV from MaterialMemoriesLane

LILLI ANN PARIS Vintage 50s Coat in Holiday Mohair Plaid Wool with Attached Scarf from VintageDevotion

Exquisite Women's Wool Skirt Suits - Circa 1940s through early 1960s

Exquisite Women's Wool Skirt Suits - Circa 1940s through early 1960s.

The 1940s through the early 1960s was the heyday of beautifully tailored women's skirt suits, as sophisticated, and stylish now as they were back in the day.

Many of these suits were made of fine wool or silk fabric and featured exquisite details such as fur collars and lovely seaming and fit.

The Reflections of Vintage sellers network are pleased to present the following women's skirt suits currently available in their shops.

Vintage 40s 50s Designer Youthcraft Navy Blue Wool Garbardine Hourglass Peplum Jacket and Skirt Suit -- With Silver Mink Collar - Size Extra Small from CATSEYE VINTAGE


Vintage 40s 50s Glenhaven Blue Tweed Town Suit Nipped Waist B34 Size Small from


Vintage 1940s 40s Ladies' Gabardine Skirt Suit, Large from VINTAGE BAUBLES TOO


Vintage 40s 50s Designer Handmacher Wool Gabardine Hourglass Chocolate Brown Jacket and Skirt Suit -- Size Small to Medium from CATSEYE VINTAGE


Vintage 1960s Blue Wool Suit by Forstmann B42 W30 from AFTER DARK VINTAGE


Vintage Designer Mad Men Pencil Skirt Suit, XS Sm from VINTAGE BAUBLES TOO


VFG Etsy Treasury ~ Seeing Red - Vintage that is

'Seeing Red - Vintage that is' by VintagefromVermont

Nothing like some bright vintage colors to spice up the holidays.

50s-60s Vintage Red...


Vintage 50's Ta...


Corset Vamp Red Sue...


Vintage 40s Red Lea...


Jonathan Logan red ...


Vintage 70s ESTEVEZ...


Vintage 80s Designe...


Vintage 50s Earring...


Vintage 50s Warner ...


SALE - Vintage 60s ...


Vintage Rockabilly ...


Lipstick Red Biker ...


Vintage 50s Red Blu...


1950s Adorable RED ...


Vintage 40s Coro Re...


NOS Vintage 60s Gen...


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