A Sucker for Vintage Patterns

I am becoming a sucker for vintage sewing patterns. It's come over me recently. Now, that's odd, because I have been around them for many years. I have been working in costume shops of many varieties since 1978, and we use a lot of vintage patterns that are always somewhere on file. So they have been part of the scenery. I guess I took them for granted. Several years ago, I helped my aunt, an accomplished dressmaker clean out her work room, and she packed me off with boxes of Vogue patterns from the 60s. Most of them bridal oriented, of course. I sent them on to a friend who was delighted.

Now I am starting to think patterns are pretty darn special. Maybe it's the art work. Maybe it's a change in perspective since I don't sew that much anymore, and patterns aren't just tools.
But I will say it's a good thing I am committed to selling the vintage that comes to me. Because I need one more thing to collect like I need a root canal. And vintage patterns would be pretty darn tempting. They don't take up much room, they don't eat anything, they aren't as fragile as some things I have sunk cash into. Like I said, tempting.

These are just a very few of the patterns I came across at an estate auction. The auction was held in two sessions and sadly, the clothing all went in the first, and the patterns weren't available until the second, several weeks later. But it was great to see all the fashions the owner had made from the patterns. She was one well dressed lady. And I adore seeing a life's wardrobe in one viewing.

c. 1962 Vogue Paris Original by Patou

c. 1962 Vogue Paris Original by Dior
1960s Vogue Special Design
1958 Vogue Special Design

all available at www.pastperfectvintage.etsy.com