Teeny Tiny Shoe Eye Candy

Occasionally I find teeny tiny sz 4 shoes. I almost always pass them by - they are so small! I mean, short of footbinding, how do feet stay this small?

My feet? Let's just agree I couldn't have gotten my foot in a sz 4 after the age of 5. But shoe designs look so amazingly great in this size, they really do. The second most droolworthy shoes I ever found were a pair or 1940s size 4 black velvet platforms. The first? 1930s Ferragamos. I was just led to a stash of these shoes recently from a performer's estate, and they have already passed out of my hands. That's how cute they are.

I heard about a study this weekend that found women remember the first pair of shoes they bought better than their first kiss. Could be, could be. Not me you understand, but I can see it.

You have to admit - these are lovely.