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Brooke Shields (aged 15!) in the iconic campaign shot by Richard Avedon wearing CK jeans and a shirt that looks remarkably like one by Equipment, my go-to shirt/blouse provider for A/W.

The reason I was obsessing about Brooke Shields last week was because I heard the business was re-issuing the jean she wore in the famous adverts from 1980, and the thought excited me. To my mind jeans are totally off-trend. The thought of squeezing into my old skinny jeans abhors my mind (and my body), and yet the shape of the "Brooke" jeans strikes me as the only jean shape that seems entirely right for now.

Lets examine the form. The big return to trousers as a fashion staple is upon us for Autumn. Gap have used trousers as the backbone of their Autumn collection. The best trousers now are higher waisted, hug the hips, lengthen the legs.

In fact, so right for now is this jean, that when news leaked last week that Calvin Klein Jeans were issuing a 2010 update to the 1980 jean Brooke modelled, their phones went into meltdown with people asking for the shape.

Calvin Klein insist the jeans are not identical, more of an update on the style, but that snug fit on the rear, and the cheeky baby-kick are in place making them perfect to wear with the tucked-in feminine silky blouses and petit-stiletto's or college-inspired flats that are about to hit the shops.

This jean shape really does have it all – it minimises thighs, accentuates the hip/waist ratio, lengthens legs, and looks totally now to boot. It is not just Calvin Klein who are picking up on their iconic denim looks of the early 80’s, we have found similar styles that span the price spectrum. In the name of sharing the jean love, here they all are!

 'Hunter' Jeans, £185 by James Jeans

'Scarlet' rinse wash jeans, £45 by Oasis

Blue high waisted £150 by 7 for All Mankind at My Wardrobe

'Martha' jeans £40 by Topshop

'Starcy' slim bootcut £89 by Nudie Jeans at My Wardrobe

Indigo bootcut, £39.99 by River Island

So all you have to do now is take your pick! Trust us, nothing will come between you and your jeans all season...Nothing!

(Brooke Shields image copyright Calvin Klein/Richard Avedon archive)