Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

blowing at screen as I attempt to blast away the cobwebs from my sorely negleted blog after the collections. Apologies for my absence. Problem is, I'm paid to work for other people and the collections are when the blog has to go on the back burner or else I don't sleep. So, now you have them. My excuses for not being here.

Now back to a sort of business. Its always weird what gets left inprinted on the mind post shows. This time is no exception; apart from exhaustion and lying slumped watching season three of Mad Men while eating Padron Peppers and copious amounts of tea, there is one thing I KNOW I will want in my life for spring 2011.

A PAIR OF PINK TROUSERS.   Preferably those up there from the Jil Sander collection.

Thats all.