Posted by Fashion Junior at Large

It's the last day of womenswear shows at LFW and, quite frankly, we're a little delirious on lack of sleep, cold medicine, diet coke and Percy Pigs.

Here's how our day was Meadham Kirchhoff-ified. The invite, which was at first mistaken for one to a 5 year-old's birthday party, got us in the mood. (click for a slide show)

And then came THE show, the spectacular show which filled our weary hearts with laughter and joy. Ed Meadham told the FashEd after the show that he feels like a man trapped in a teenage girl's body. He's been speaking a lot to Tavi Gevinson, whose new Rookie magazine is for teenage girls, so between them Tavi and Meadham Kirchhoff are taking us back...
14 Courtney Loves- Ed Meadham would have liked more.

MK groupies- Masha Mel and Tessa Yop of Vrag mag