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Miuccia Prada did a show that appealed to the heartland of her customer base. All part of this seasons trend for "real" fashion that chimes with the way we live now. Viewing the show today on I realised I can be next season now as the bow front patent sandals on her runway are almost identical to a pair I bought from Miu Miu a decade ago.

This ongoing trend for "real" is worrying me. I need to put the word in speech marks because the way it is being bandied about in some quarters  - not Prada, her expression of fashion now is genuine - is about as real as a bunch of plastic flowers. Real is an attitude, not a trend. What is real for some, is not for others. The trick is knowing what is real for you. But, hey, if it serves to remind consumers that the mortgage is due, and to pay off the credit card, maybe it is not such a bad thing.

You should watch the Prada show, what it lacks in drama (these are lovely clothes, not a Beckett play) it makes up for with haunting music. Miuccia chose to use a large swathe of the soundtrack to the 1987 movie Angel Heart, a film that makes my all-time top five. The part she used is taken from the conclusion of the film when Johnny Favorite/Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) realises he sold his soul to the devil and upon accepting who he really is (a dual-personality murderer), pays his debt with his life. Significant? I doubt it.

ANYWAY. Here are my personal top five Prada looks for AW10:
This shade of blue will become a trend for next season. 
Top-to-toe tonal dressing is gaining credence. I wear socks like this at the weekend.
Beautiful coat. The proportions of this outfit please my eye
Can't wait to wear....oh look..I've got those sandals already!
This looks fresh and new. Love the shiny black split skirt with the bow-belted camel top, and the double collar is oddly wonderful.

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