Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

My first proper Paris post, but many more to come when I can find the time in this mentally hectic schedule of ours. Put it this way - we only get time for dinner at 10pm!

Sophia Kokosalaki's show was, as always, wonderful to behold. Sophia is all about moving fashion forward: new colours, shapes, dynamic cuts and striking shoes with extra ordinary shaped heels, too - this time shaped like rose stems, thorns and all!

As always her show was inspired by her native Greece this time from plant life and architecture. It was a directional new look for Sophia, with plenty of colour and long layers, not to mention beautiful shoes with heels inspired by roses, thorns and all! "I said to myself let this show not be about black," she giggled backstage where I snuck postshow to get the scoop! My seat was too awkward for taking pictures...

Sophia giving an interview

One of the copper wire jackets, which actually was a light-as-air fibre

The beautiful ceiling above our heads in Sophia's show venue at the Hotel Westin. Divine!