Posted by Fashion Junior at Large

Aside from a few long standing favourites (Business of Fashion, Ask Hadley, Disney Roller Girl etc) my Google Reader list is a constant readjustment project. I am in search of the most interesting, prolific and humorous blogs. It's an unending quest, and one I'm sure many of you can relate to. So here are a small sample of some of the best I've added in recent weeks:

Alex Loves: From her interviews with new design talents AKA 'Alex Meets...', to random (very fun) coverage of her cousin's Chanel tattoo covered cast - Alex posts what I want to read.

Searching for Style: Alexandra Suhner Isenburg used to design for Burberry before she moved back to her native Canada. She writes some great opinion pieces, and her 'love / loathe' coverage of fashion week breaks down the shows into digestable reviews.

Fashion Foie Gras: I have no idea how many people author this blog but it makes me laugh! Quite newsy posts which bring to mind Refinery29 (another fixture on the old Google Reader).

The Clothes Whisperer: Yes I know, I'm seriously slow off the mark to have only just started reading this blog! My favourite thing about it is Kristin Knox's writing. Oh and the constant presence of Butters, her pomeranian side-kick.

Poetic & Chic: Annie veers away from narcissistic 'look at me in this totally super cute outfit' type posts (which I'm not massively fond of in large doses) and brings my attention to poeple I've never heard of or thought about before. Check out her Anna Karina post.

In related news, styling website has named Fashion Editor at Large their blog of the week. Ta very much guys!