Fashion Book Shopping is Grand

We got to take a little trip this month up to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. And as ever, the visit was a treat. While our visit fell between fashion and textile exhibits,we has a picnic on the grounds, and found a selection of great little fashion books in the museum gift shop, a great cup of coffee, wonderful art, the fabulous grounds of the Lily house and a too brief tour of the Lily home. Plus a fine dinner out in the Fountain Square are. It was a treat.

Fashion books are like hen's teeth in our area. So we hit the museum shop and these are the too few books I brought back:

A short but thorough bio of Balenciaga and his house with loads of photos. Easy to read, straightforward and affordable.

And a selection of the small books from the Assouline series on Poiret, Gres and the Little Black Dress. Fun, quick reads, not a lot of text, and heavy on the photos.

What did I leave? Coffee table size books on Balenciaga and Dior, more of this small series, another series on decades of costume history, modern Japanese fashion, and several more. I will just have to take more money next time.