Note from Fashion Editor at Large

The craze for vintage clothes, vintage fashion looks, and "shopping for vintage" as a hobby in itself had a hiatus for the last few years. Well, the term "vintage" did get hikacked by the mainstream, so it had to die.  

But now there is a vintage fashion craze gripping every young, hip and stylish person I know -vintage is reborn. What is great is that it is back in a different way for a new generation and is developing new trends for fashion designers to channel as I write. There is even a three-day vintage fashion festival taking place from 13-15th August at Goodwood, which has been organised by Wayne Hemingway. About time too.
George is the blonde.

At this juncture, I would like to introduce you to Georgina "George" Langford who has been assisting me a couple of days a week. George looks like the lovechild of Christina Hendricks and (though she will cringe when I write this) Peaches Geldof.  With her candy floss hair and amazing pin-up meets fashionista look, vintage obsession and the fact she is practically frothing at the mouth about the "Vintage at Goodwood" festival. So, I decided, who better George to give us the lowdown?

First, though, a few rabble-rousing words from Wayne Hemingway: "We have carefully curated a celebratory festival in complete contrast to the staid status quo, that re-unites music, fashion and culture, that is unashamedly about dressing up rather than down and being comfortable rather than compromised. There has been nothing to date like Vintage."


Guest Blog by Georgina Langford (Glitterbird) 

As an obsessive vintage lover, I nearly had a coronary when the festival was announced and bought my full weekend tickets back in February. Now I am counting the days ‘til I can don my best Betty Draper frock and party with 2000 other like-minded people for the glorious weekend from 13-15 August.

Lovely Wayne Hemingway (founder of Red or Dead back in the 90's) enlisted a few famous pals, including Lily Allen, Vivienne Westwoods former muse Sara Stockbridge and even Sandie Shaw to help announce the festival back in February, in a photocall demonstrating the eras celebrated at the festival will be the1940s through to the 1980s – vintage to suit every taste!
Lily and pals play dress up 

Possibly the best festival in the world!
Going on the information already released, Vintage at Goodwood looks set to raise the bar even further; there are different areas dedicated to celebrating the best of the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s - including a roller disco (YAY!), Burlesque cabaret in a 40s nightclub, authentic Wigan Casino cureated by Eddie Piller, 60s high street, leisure dome and the ‘Let It Rock’ rock n'roll arena! If you haven’t got your retro look perfected before you go, a quick trip to Nina’s vintage hair salon which will be temporarily relocating to the festival, as well as one of the many vintage boutiques, will be all you need to look Mad Men ready. This is probably the only festival in the world where people are actively encouraged to wear heels!

Miss Allen herself is bringing her own vintage business ‘Lucy in Disguise’ to the festival, in the form of a pop up boutique, but regardless of whether or not she actually turns up (or her sister, who co-runs the business) vintage lovers across the land are buzzing with excitement.

Goodwood is already well known for its’ Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival events (both motoring related, the later being focused on vintage cars) which are sell-outs every year. It is not just the yokels - people come from across the globe for these amazing events.

I also look forward to whatever vintage wares Lily does decide to bring to the festival - I don't care how famous she is, I'll still be haggling with her to get the best bargains!

For more information visit http://www.vintageatgoodwood.com/ or call 01243 755 055