Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

Oh jeezus. For those fashion blog readers of a nervous disposition you might want to look away now. And not for the shoddy photography and creased clothes demonstrated in these here pictures. No. It is the clothing items featured. Namely the hilariously bad jeans (and more) donated by dear Jonathan Ross to my betrothed Mary Portas last night when she recorded the show which is to air on BBC1 in a few hours time. OK so here is the pair of totally hideous flared Jean-Paul Gaultier jeans Wossy gave to Mary so she could put them up for sale in the Grazia suppported Save The Children "Mary's Living & Giving" charity shop which opens in the morning on Westbourne Grove. Are you ready?
Ohhhhhhh myyyyy goodnesss!

"I got it wrong" Jonathan said to Mary of these repulsive flared jeans. What possessed him? Also in the photo is pair of England shorts sized for a toddler donated by Gary Lineker.  

Gary Lineker did a bit better than Wossy. He donated these two suits (plus a Gucci one that I didn't spot in another bag). The one on the left is Neil Barrett. The one on the right is by Etro. The size inside says "50". They will be £150 each.

Jonathan also donated the rather nice T-Shirt below to Mary's Living & Giving Shop which opens at 10am. Mary will be there!
Wossy's T-Shirt.

Mary’s Living and Giving Shop, 177 Westbourne Grove, W11 2SB (020 7727 6166 or savethechildren.org.uk).