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Never been a Glasto person. Love watching it. Especially on the BBC from the rural splendour of my room with a view on the North Eastern coast of Sardinia, nestled into the hills above Olbia. For those of you looking for a quick getaway from the UK, or a more glamorous far-flung jaunt from the Americas, look no further than the emerald isle of Sardinia. Located in the Med, beneath Corsica, this Italian island is a perfect escape. Warm, but not too hot weather, gentle breezes, a rocky but lush landscape and to boot we have discovered the ideal spa hotel to help us cut-loose from the world at large.

The view from the balcony of our room.

 To get to the room we need to pass through these dramatic boulders. Last night the moon rose above them creating this magical scene. 
The food is good. The wine excellent. There are two local Syrahs on the wine list that are pure pleasure on the palate. This journalist has just been given a tough Shiatsu massage by Paolo and am covered in a slick of oil and under strict instruction to stay out of the sun for two hours. 

The hotel pool

Last night we met an amazing local jeweller whose work has caught the attention of the Cartier president who came here for a team building dinner last week. An interior decorator by trade he began to design jewellery and is doing so well with word of mouth recommendations, he finds himself at a cross-roads in his life. Should he do the jewellery on the side, or should he take the plunge and do it full time? With his talent I suggested the latter. He is to bring me a CD of photos of his work later and I will share them with you so we can all judge.

Going into the main town for social activity tonight, the billionaire's playground of Porto Cervo. Will report back on the hot and not so hot spots tomorrow. Flavio Briatore's Billionaire Boys Club opens for the summer tonight. However we are going to drop by the Louise Alexander Gallery (run by some friends) and then head with them to the brand new restaurant by Mirko "Cortes", who is the ex manager of Phi Beach and Nikki Beach.  If you already know Sardinina "Cortes" is at the place formerly known as Sopravento.

Maybe after a few Mojito's we may venture to Billionaire to gawp at the fabulosity of the Eurotrash.

We are here: Petra Segreta Hotel, Sardinia. 
Photos: Fashion Editor at Large