Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

As holiday discoveries go, this was a good one. I met Corrado quite by chance. He was coming to meet a friend in the hotel we were staying at on Sardinina (see previous post), where he also happens to sell his jewellery. It is rather fantabulous to admire a designers work and then find yourself meeting him, seconds later.

Here he is with one his multi-strands of pearls. I bought a black pearl version, and it is sooo beautiful.

There is much more to Corrado than these images. He is so new he only had a few decent photos, but his body of work is large and varied. He is in the midst of a creative frenzy by all accounts. A day after meeting my other half he came back with a stunning Amethyst pendant piece he had created for her that day. How lovely is that?  His influences are mainly Chinese and Mediterranean and his work something to wear through summer to autumn and in the evening. My black pearls, however, (a black version of what Corrado is holding above) will become my constant evening companions!

As I said in my previous post, Corrado - an interior designer by trade and a trained costume designer - may be about to dedicate his career to making jewellery. Up until now it has been a hobby. He is looking for a London stockist, and I can confirm his prices are competitive.

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