(Josh interned with FEAL over London Fashion Week, and here are his final two Mens Fashion Week reviews)

Guest Post by Joshua Drew of Noir Official

Matthew Miller is a new name on the London menswear scene. The introduction of this Royal College of Art MA Graduate to the schedule this year saw his first standalone show presented at the Portico Rooms of Somerset House.

Having previously presented as part of Fashion East, Miller has demonstrated his interest in combining technology with great menswear design. This season he fused the two in a collection entitled 'Expedition'. 
Matthew Miller AW12
 City Perforation work was one of the surfaces which inspired Miller's collection

iPhone QR barcodes were available to scan during the show. When scanned we were able to retrace Miller’s steps around London. These codes took us to webpages showing the exact location of each individual print and the building, object or landscape it was taken from. Prints inspired by everyday surfaces that we might not usually give a second thought to were transformed into eye-catching macs, single-breasted jackets and slim fit trousers.
Miller's combination of savvy digital tools and fashion is truly innovative. His interest in combining technology and design not only translated his ideas quite literally, but also interactively to the audience. The way that Miller embraces the opportunities offered by the likes of the iPhone shows a fresh attitude to showing fashion which moves with a phenomenon which influences every aspect of our lives. His example shows how fashion can take full advantage of up to the minute technology to enhance the experience of viewing a collection. 

Tree bark found in Hyde Park inspired single-breasted jackets and shirts. 

Surfaces such as concrete, bark, chip board (which Miller had spotted covering shop windows during the August riots) and eroding marble were all used to represent the textures of London. As an intrepid explorer, Miller’s man also needed some sturdy footwear. In collaboration with Oliver Sweeney, the London inspired prints were transferred onto boots.
Matthew Miller AW12

Matthew Miller still has room to grow, but the ambition this new London designer is showing in combining technology and functional fashion leaves me interested to know what direction he'll be taking next season.