Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

How's this for funny. When I was 18, Kate Moss was 17. At that time my CV would have read "A-level student and wannabe fashion journalist/stylist who does bit of modelling on the side"; Kate was a gonnabe supermodel. I had a photographer friend called Peter Robathan who wanted me to style some pictures of "this girl called Kate" when she was just starting to get buzz as a model. He wanted the location to be the Rokit warehouse in Crouch End, North London - my home town. Working in Rokit's Crouch End store was my Saturday job, and at that time the owner was also keen for me to select the on-trend clothes to put in their stores and to grade and sort through their tons of jeans. So in the holidays and days off college I did that also. Behind Kate are the bales of compressed clothes (in tons) we sorted through. The excitement of opening a bale was indescribable. A million times better than a jumble sale. Once I found a  tie Salvador Dali had painted.

I forgot all about the day Kate came until yesterday when Peter sent this in my inbox. It was all about grunge then. No such thing as a straight middle parting.

Photo copyright of Peter Robathan.