Posted by Fashion Junior at Large

This weekend's spree of award ceremony's led to a plethora of Monday morning celebrity eye-candy from the red carpets. While perusing what the great and the good had worn last night, we couldn't help noticing two of our favourite pin ups had plumped for two innovative London based designers, both famed for their ways with wool.

At the TV Baftas, Daisy Lowe took this Craig Lawrence dress (one of our hot SS11 picks) to new stratospheres of sexualness...

(Seriously, how brilliant does she look? An unusual choice that she has completely made her own)

Craig Lawrence SS11

Meanwhile, over in LA, Nicki Minaj walked the Billboard Awards white carpet (so LA. You'd never get a white carpet in London) wearing SS11 Mark Fast. If anyone could pull off a stretchy pale blue bodysuit with chunks of Swarovski crystals down the leg, it's Ms Minaj. Funnily enough, the Fash Ed and I actually witnessed this jumpsuit being made in Fast's studio, back when we didn't even know Nicki existed. Now it's hard to imagine the music biz without her unique bubblicious style. 

Pink hair + pale blue glitter combo = winner!

Both these girls stood out a mile from the usual red carpet choices (TOWIE girls, we're looking at you...) so it is great to see London designers making their mark in award season. More of this please!

Images: Rex, Style, Daily Mail, Style