Posted by Fashion Junior at Large

We are not even bothering to pretend that we are bored of all the royal wedding coverage; it was just too good to stop talking about just yet.  For those of you lucky enough to get your paws on a copy of this week's Grazia (apparently it's sold out now) make sure you spot the Fash Ed's contributions.

She got the lowdown from author Plum Sykes on what it is really like to wear McQueen for your big day:

She identified the tiara adorning that shiny, shiny hairdo (luckily we had researched all of the 300+ potential contenders...The Royals own a lot of sparkly headgear)

And Melanie called on her nearest and dearest designer friends for their expert opinions on the dress: 

That's just a snippet of an issue that required blood sweat and tears from the Grazia girls on Friday - spare a thought for them hard at work, whilst the rest of the nation partied!

Hopefully that will prolong your post-wedding good mood for a few more days.