Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

Fashion pictures are not always just fashion pictures, you know. At their best they can be a portal to a fantasy inner world. One where the protaganist luxuriating in high fashion is you and the sensory delights conveyed in and by the photograph ramp up the imagination to super-eidetic levels.

My week has been decidedly blah, so when this email pinged in from Paris agency Cats and Dogs, which reps photographers, stylists and directors, the above picture by Sean + Seng spoke to me.

Right now I would very much like to be hanging with my fierce poodle in a dark, moody apartment having a fag (I gave up years ago) in my pink Jil Sander trousers waiting for my lover to get home.

Still, a girl can dream. And dreams are free (and waaay more interesting than tax and VAT forms)

stylist : Samuel François - hair : James Pecis - make up : Lloyd Simmonds
production : Cats & Dogs