Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

Now and again I find myself obsessively re-listening to certain songs, usually because that song resonates with a feeling I can't quite articulate. Thanks to being plugged into 6Music through most of each working day I got to hear I'm His Girl by Friends, a so hipster it hurts group from Brooklyn, about six weeks ago. Until Monday there was no Youtube video to enjoy. Well, ta-da! Now there is, so time to share.

This is so naive and cute, and SO DAMN HIPSTER I love it. It reminds me of me in my early 20s, and also of my favourite young female friends who are out and about living it up generally being young and free.

The lineup: Samantha Urbani (vocals), Lesley Hann (bass, percussion, backing vocals), Nikki Shapiro (guitar, keyboards, percussion), Matthew Molnar (keyboards, percussion, bass), Oliver Duncan (drums).
They have only recently been signed, we've been told to expect an album in 2012. Woop!