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I've been posting my daily doings during Paris over at my antipodean friends Sportsgirl's website this week, leaving the blog free for the things that fall between the fashion news so competently reported by newspaper, web and magazine ladies of the press. Of course I am one such, but unlike most of my contemporaries my blog is an aside from my journalism work, and therefore purely personal with no advertisers or editors to please.

Paris Fashion Week has been pretty brutal, really. The schedule is insane, and the heat, well, I'm not going to moan. But it is downright weird to feel the sun searing your skin in October in Northern Europe. I've just come from the Chloe show, an excellent debut by Clare Waight Keller, who fresh from having her third child managed to make the collection different enough from her predeccesor Hannah McGibbon, yet still Chloe and, cruciallly, gave it a fresh new vibe that was more woman than girl.

Here are a selection of my photos from the Chloe show. Forgive the quality, I've got a new lens and am still trying to get it to focus on the right object.  Though in the below instance, its interesting and amusing to see the faces of the audience, who seem to be doing everythign but watching the show (though of course they are, another model is coming along out of the picture.)

The designer used a pleating motif through the collection

Mixing nude and geranium pink was the order of the day at Chloe

Photos: Fashion Editor at Large